Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Cigarette After Sex

Calling all woman for..."A Cigarette After Sex"

Move The Clouds Creative Entertainment is proud to announce that because of the recent overwhelming positive response to the "Britpuss" painting released in Atlanta and Japan last week acclaimed painter and designer shah wonders is set to do a one man show showcasing his next evolution in his abstract Anime style!

Shah Wonders best known for his unorthodox style and approach to visual communication is looking for the SEXIEST woman to be his muses for the upcoming "A Cigarette After Sex", themed show that will open it's world tour in Tokyo spring 2009.

Shah will be looking to immortalize all woman of different shades sizes and ethnicity's just as long as she exudes a certain level of "sexiness" that would be appropriate for this monumental event! the anticipation for this showing has already got the attention of museums, taste makers and an ever-growing celebrity following.

Those special woman chosen will be honorably mentioned alongside the hand picked Celebrity's who have already agreed to lend their bodies and inner-sexy in support of the Arts! So, if you feel like you have what it takes to grace the canvases of this colossal event please feel free to send jpegs of your sexiness to the email provided below. We appreciate your time and business.

Move The Clouds.


As a tradition when I awaken from a 4 hour sleep session in the morning, which by most accounts is considered a nap, I love to play "The Sun" -Ghostface ft. Slick Rick, RZA and Raekwon to get the day going! So as I lethargically raise from the dead I mosey to the computer stomach slightly growling, now I'm usually not a breakfast person unless I'm trying to get something in my tank, trying to sober up from a night of bad choices and regrets but when I heard that did a blurb on me, I immediately got hungry as hell (their banner has the Roscoe's 2 piece and a waffle combo in the heading...nice!) So before I even read the piece, to start my day I two stepped to the bodega and bought some aged, over priced Eggo's, some bird,... came home and got busy! While woofing down my chow I took a second to enjoy the write up about yours truly and realized how blessed I' am! Check the write up here! Good lookin' Scott. Bless up.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's the new style...Drooooop!

After all the financial cutbacks, gas prices and debt triangulating around us like impending doom, I couldn't help but notice how the growing trend may have some influence on my new minimal style!

Not to get entangled into the geo-social entrapment's of life on this planet I had to travel to a place all my own, where all things are possible and I'm a creative Zen master orchestrating the dopest ideas for this this world to experience, inner Buddah. It is here where everything is in "the know" and every particle works together for the greater good of the "Piece"! 

This time around I chose to "do more with less". Pushing the boundaries of limited space and seeing what could possibly come of this. The result, the next evolutionary step in my creative progression. I digitally painted the whole piece (with the exception of the checkered pattern) in photoshop. Fusing photo realistic paint styles, dynamic usage of space with my trademark abstract characters made this piece absolutely stupendous! Did I just say stupendous? Wow. Anyway, I'm really feeling this movement and I'll be showcasing more of this style for a commissioned piece I'm doing of the Rolling Stone's...Nice!

There are two versions of this piece, one is a screen saver to be downloaded and one (with no black box) is in it's original state. Please download and enjoy! FYI, just click on the size of the download you would like to download and it will automatically download to your desktop. Thanks.

Original here

Screen saver here

Shah's Interview in the Jungle!

So after being away from Atlanta for any significant amount of time since 97' I was captured and interviewed by artist and creator extraordinaire Goldi Gold of Jungle 45 fame, for a 5 minute "Cloverfield" esq. walk and talk...Let's go!

Shah's Dope Swan Interview

Just like any other self absorbed creative degenerate I f*cking love interviews! No matter how big or small, people calling me and asking me what makes my warped mind tick makes my day! So one day a Dope Swan (after a small scuffle with some local brooklyn pigeons at the bodega) came and sat next to me on my stoop and asked a few questions and here is what was said...Read on here

Also stay tuned for the Exclusive Chinatown Will's interview later this week!!!

The Smug

" I usually don't do this but,... keep the party going"! - D.L. Hughley, in his explanation of why Jesus was Black and how he kept the party going by turning water into wine! Hilarious? Yes, but also a quite fitting way of doing things especially for me when I do things for the "love". Let me explain. A cronie of mine asked me to do a logo for him and at that exact moment I would usually cringe and make a face like I had a serious case of the "Bubble Guts" (because I hate doing logo's) but to the contrary I was relieved because I knew he would give me free range to make it do what it do! Under the moniker "Smug" my brethren simply said he wanted a logo with a tiger and some next millennium styling to it, i live in the future so I immediately felt at home with this piece. I challenged myself to mix the organic fluidity of nature and the structural confinements of rigid angular text and came up with the sickest logo I've ever done. So I simply did what Jesus would do, make it happen. Check  it out...and keep the party going! 

Click Image For More Details!